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surfing with helen bates - july 11, 2005, #2 - canada, usa,

updated tue 12 jul 05


Helen Bates on mon 11 jul 05

South Africa, Israel

Surfing with Helen Bates - July 11, 2005, #2 - Canada, USA, South
Africa, Israel

Pingwartok Makituk (Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada)
(Collection of pottery made by the Inuit (Eskimo) potter Pingwartok
Makituk of Cape Dorset, Canada in the late 1960's) I thought the work
of this woman was very interesting. She had obvious talent though she
potted only for a very few years... "Scarcely a year after she found
out how pottery was made, her work was entered in the prestigious
Biennale in Firenze (Florence, Italy) and won 3rd prize
internationally." Soon after that, the pilot program which gave her
the opportunity to learn to make pottery was closed down (...)")
Note: Nunavut was separated from the North West Territories a few years
ago and given an elected assembly with greater powers than a
"Territory", though not as fully independent of central control as a

Katy Carnahan (Katy's Pottery) (Alicia, AK, USA)
(Gas-fired stoneware pottery in pleasant earthy colours with good form
and some interesting decorative additions)

Yoshua Schori (Tel Aviv, Israel)
When not working in the computer field, or making complex
Tiffany-styled lampshades, Yoshua makes wheel-thrown vessels, and
ceramic sculptural pieces. His main area of work is in crystalline
glazed vases.

David Schlapobersky & Felicity Potter (Swellendam, South Africa)
(A husband and wife team run the Bukkenburg Pottery, a production
studio. He throws the pots, making everything from small tea cups to
huge, classical garden forms, and she does the decorating. Their kiln
uses kerosene [called "paraffin" in Britain and South African.)

Marianne Cordyack (Marianne Cordyack Pottery and Spiral Ridge Pottery)
(Reston, VA, and Shannondale Springs, WV, USA)
(Decorated salt glazed porcelain and stoneware)

Gladding, McBean (Lincoln, CA, USA)
This 125 year-old pottery company manufactures Clay Sewer Pipe, Clay
Roof Tile, (architectural) Terra Cotta, Floor Tile, Garden Pottery, and
Chimney Tops. The company apparently no longer is involved in
insulator production, but Rick Mahaffey visited the plant at a time
when various types of these items were made there. The website works
well except that the "home" link doesn't seem to work in some browsers.
(I used the "Back" button or the drop-down navigation menu in my
browser to get back to the homepage and look at another directory.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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