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paperclay and odor

updated thu 29 mar 07


Linda Blossom on tue 27 mar 07

Just a note to say that the smell must have
something to do with the type of paper. I have used
paper in my clay since it first came up in
discussions about 8 years ago. I started using
bleach, then forgot it, and when nothing happened, I
stopped being concerned. I have never seen mold. I
use shredded office paper and junk mail. No glossy
and no newspaper. I am currently using 30%, by
volume, (about 2.75 lb per 100 lb batch of clay) in
my body with 25% fine grog. It seems to be working
just fine for my tables, countertops, sinks...tiles.

The mold and smell issue is something I just wonder

Ithaca NY