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in re frimkess; was :re: please acknowledge/review the video that i

updated tue 27 mar 07


claystevslat on mon 26 mar 07

sent you

Jon Pacini (?) wrote something some years back about this --
Frimkess threw with leather gloves with steel fingertips.
The process permitted him to throw thinner than otherwise
possible, and he achieved translucency with red clay

Frimkess then painted comic icons onto his work. There's
a fameous pot you see pix of with Popeye clenching a pipe
in his teeth on one ... Steve S

--- In, Eric Hansen wrote:
> > Throwing without water? What is missing in you
> "communique" is WHY one would do it, WHY one would
> want to do it, or WHY would anyone care? What
> difference could it possibly make except for the
> satisfaction that one has accomplished something that
> while others may have thought of it, no one can really
> find a reason to do? There are more important ways to
> spend time, like. say, making pots?
> And as far as "fast fire" if you are setting on a 15
> cu. FT. gas main you can fire as fast as you want. So
> what exactly is your point?
> My first reaction was that perhaps this "Mr Frimkess"
> is your personal imaginary friend. A quick internet
> search reveals that, no, Mr. Frimkess is indeed a real
> and accomplished artist, a former student of Voulkos,
> who is published, collected, and acknowledged. All I
> can find out about you, however, Dayton, is that you
> send cranky messages to ClayArt. Are you a potter
> then? Can you direct me to see images of your work,
> similar to those I have easily located by Frimkess?
> How about your kiln building? Nothing found on that
> one, either. Anxiously awaiting your "acknowledgement"
> & reply.
> Sincerely Yours,
> H A M B O N E