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m^6 glaze results- getting better, link to pictures, trying again

updated thu 22 mar 07


Leigh Whitaker on wed 21 mar 07

It seems like my link to the pictures didn't work.

Let me try again:


if it doesn't work, then after GH9 it should be ¬ag=1 instead of that
little symbol that was showing up for the ¬

In a message dated 3/20/2007 10:02:18 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
Sleighwhitaker writes:

I'll post more pics later, my camera's batteries are dead.

Pictures are here:

Waterfall Brown turned out much better this time, I think it's almost there.
I had it a little thick on the outside of a bowl. It didn't run onto the
shelf, but it has some thick drips. I also had it on the inside of a little
bowl and it looked pretty nice, but there was no texture for it break over.

Variegated slate blue looked good. Caribbean sea green is still blue, even
though I had it on thicker than before, so maybe it is the % of rutile. I
have tests in now where I made a 300g batch minus rutile, split it into 3
batches and added 6%, 8%, and 10%. So I'll see if that fixes it.

I also tried Field mouse brown, and it looks very nice!

I mixed a batch of Bone, and it turned out much yellower than I was
expecting it to (more of an eggnog), although it is very pretty. Can I make it
whiter by just reducing the rutile, or do I need to add an opacifier as well?

I also did a test where I layered all possible combinations of layers of
these 5 glazes. The best were definitely anything over Caribbean sea green.
WFB/CSG was a nice glossy blue brown going to tan. Field mouse brown/CSG is
beautiful!. It's a mottled tan with bright cobalt blue spots. It's textured
(kind of dimpled), and I don't know if that's a bad thing? Var. slate
blue/CSG is okay, but maybe pitted (I'm not sure exactly what pitting is). Bone/CSG
is very very nice mottled whitish and tan with blue spots ( but not as deep
blue as the Field mouse brown gave).

The other combinations were not as great, but there may be some
possibilities. VSB and CSG over WFB might be nice if I could get the application
thickness right.

#1. The one I already asked about how to make bone less yellow.
#2. If I want a nice creamy colored liner glaze should I add some tin oxide
or zircopax to one of these glazes. Is there an advantage to tin oxide over
zircopax ( I'm sure there is- LOL)?
#3. When layering glazes should one try to layer i.e. a matte over a matte,
glossy over glossy? Or can they be mixed?

Thanks for looking!

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