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ivor and inside the kiln

updated wed 21 mar 07


mel jacobson on tue 20 mar 07

i love ivor's thoughts on bouncy, and air
floating in a kiln.

feriz delkic also reminds us.

we fire the `air` inside of bowls,
inside of bottles, inside of mugs.

it is the total heat in the kiln, not just your
pot that is firing. and, think of the kiln
inside in the total sense.
it is brick, shelves, posts, air, and pots.
a total.

far too often potters are only thinking of the
surface of the glaze.
it goes all the way through the pot.

that is why we deal in time, and temp, and heat work.

same for electrics, gas, wood.
if you do not think about these things, then you do not
understand what is going on in that kiln of yours.

these discussion with ivor, vince and others are very important
and must be read. do not ignore the science and physics of heat
work. industry is miles ahead of us. we are often in the `dark ages`.

think of white ware, firing in 15 minutes at cone 6.
but, the pot is at 0 humidity. all of that drying is done far before
it goes into the dense heat.

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