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paul's book on china painting

updated sun 18 mar 07


Joyce Lee on sat 17 mar 07

Somebody sent a copy of Paul's new book!! I sat where I happened
to drop off the mail....... dining room table is our catchall...... bad choice,
but a bad habit to break also. I I looked at every single page, examined all
pictures and read much of the writing all in that one sitting.

I've long admired Paul's work and was thrilled when he said he was returning
to painting, his first love, because I felt that he'd find a way to combine
his two passions. And now this beauty of a book will be out there forever as
THE definitive china painting reference......... just as Mel's,
Vince's, Ron's and John's,
John Britt's, and Diana's books will serve in their specific areas.

I hope I'm not forgetting a claybud who is has now become a major author since
first wielding an influence on Clayart. That's what I dislike
about listing names........
forgetting one or more.......... but the List deserves to know what
we have wrought......
or what THEY have wrought upon us. Lucky us!!

In the Mojave desert of California where I just looked up Gate Keeper
and Keeper
of the Gate. I took umbrage when somebody referred to me as such and now
I'm embarrassed........ realizing that he/she was probably kidding
around and that
the term (which I should have known but did not! I only know about Richard
Gere's journey...... my ignorance is too vast to conquer in this
lifetime... oh, and
the bits and pieces I've been exposed to thanks to Jonathan's "A Little Bit of
Zen"...... than you, J) likely was not meant to be derogatory. Where
does one go
to learn about Zen?? Please write off-line so we don't task Ivor with
more than he's
intended to handle.......... not that he couldn't!!