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cone 6 dry sculptural glazes.

updated wed 14 mar 07 on tue 13 mar 07

I wondered if any one on Clayart has any recipes for interesting=20
textural Cone 6 glazes for use on sculpture? I have some wonderful cone=20
06 recipes, but now need higher firing ones for outdoor sculpture. I=20
have a goodish range of shiny glaze recipes, but no interesting=20
textural dry glazes yet. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm still trying to work out what has happened to the Cornish=20
Stone....Latest I've heard is there is still plenty more in the mine,=20
but it is not being mined anymore. Aparantly Wedgwood don't require it=20
anymore, and it isn't economic to mine it for us small fry. Some of the=20
stuff being sold as Cornish stone is a blend of the other grades from=20
that mine. Haven't got any molecular formula yet but I'll let you all=20
know when I do.

Ama Menec, Totnes, Devon, UK.


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