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throwing little plates off a hump- thanks for the tips!

updated mon 12 mar 07


Leigh Whitaker on sun 11 mar 07

Well, I finally got a few minutes without kids to try all the suggestions
out for making the little plates. It went very well. I used a tiny homemade
rib (cut out from a flexible plastic binder) to compress the bottoms of the
plates. The rib was the size that I wanted the radius of the bottom of the
plates to be, so that worked out well to keep them consistent, and to make a
nice little ridge between the bottom and the rims.

Oh, and the original thread was asking how to keep the amount of clay
consistent between pieces, and this is what I finally worked out... I used a metal
rib to get the top of the hump into a completely cylindrical shape, straight
up and down sides, and completely flat top. I measured the diameter of the
cylinder and kept that consistent. Then I used my finger to measure the
depth as I opened, and opened to a consistent diameter. That combined with my
mini-rib worked well to keep the little plates fairly consistent (although with
practice they could definitely be improved!).

Then I used the pointy stick thing to cut two grooves under the plate, as
several people described. Wired the plates off at the bottom groove, and
transferred them to my board with a wet metal rib. There was not much distortion
at all. I need four and I threw about 10, so hopefully 4 of them will be
similar enough for the little tea set. Then its saucer and bowl time!


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