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mortar & pestle - alternative form

updated sat 10 mar 07


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 8 mar 07

There is another bowl form that you can use for this=0A=0Ait is a shallow r=
ectangular form that has a textured=0Apattern that "catches" the thing bein=
g scraped or muddled. =0A=0AThe other part is just a rectangular, thick gra=
ter, kind of like=0Aa taperd clay rib, that you scrape across the pattern, =
being able to =0Aswing the dish around to scrape back across the grain agai=
n.=0A=0AIt is not glazed on the inside, but the scraper is burnished. It i=
s=0Aused in persian and south american cookery to grind corn.=0A=0AUsually =
they are very large, but you could make a 4x6 inch dish=0Aand a 3.5 inch cl=
ay rib and it would work well for home chefs and=0Aspices.=0A=0AI don't hav=
e any pictures.=0A =0AElizabeth Priddy=0A=0ABeaufort, NC - USA=0Ahttp://www= =0A__________________________________________=
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