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lizard handle demo

updated thu 8 mar 07


Leigh Whitaker on wed 7 mar 07

I lost the original thread, but I wanted to say thanks for posting that.
It was great. Not only was it informative, but it was very entertaining as
well! I LOL when the camera fell over and you said something like, "Whoa, You
okay there?". Tee hee.


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sacredclay on wed 7 mar 07

Hi, Beatiful People! this tis a public thank you to each and every one
of you who gave me nothing but kind words and accolades for my video
debut.Such words of encouragements and not to mention the love came
through and really boosted me thourgh the week. One of you was kind to
send me a pix of her mugs with lizards,which simply took my breath away
and am trying to see if she will post it online, as others need to see
this gorgeous art. I'm not going to name her (Mary) because I don't
want to be too pushy (last name wiht a "L"). There is more being posted
on the video blog. Again, people, thanks for really making my world
shine so much brighter. As a well known imp (starts with "J") in NC
mts. says, pass on the love! Warmly Kathryn in NC