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help!! need advice on packing a pottery wheel

updated wed 7 mar 07


Patrick Cross on tue 6 mar 07

I recently had a used Soldner P-Series wheel sent to me (in
Mississippi) from Texas. It went FedEx Freight for about $120.00...(about
150 pounds total). And it arrived in only two days time.

It was a simple packing job. The seller and I came up with just firmly
strapping the wheel to a pallet and just a few wood blocks tucked in the gap
under the wheel head on the off chance that FedEx...or someone along to the
way stacked a box on top of it. However I doubt that happened because there
was a large print sign which said *DO NOT STACK ANYTHING ON WHEEL.* It
arrived just fine.

My wheel is sort of an odd shape but in the case of a Brent you could easily
make a plywood box/crate that set down over the wheel once it was strapped
down. Then just screw the bottom edge of the box to the pallet. Or even
better screw a piece of plywood to the pallet first...that would become the
bottom of the crate....THEN put the wheel on top of that and strap it down.
There might need to be a few slots in the top part of the crate to allow the
straps through. Or just attach the straps to the bottom piece of plywood so
the the straps were contained in the crate.

I think any type of soft packaging would be pointless. The trick is to
completely immobilize the wheel.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.

Patrick Cross (cone10soda)

On 3/6/07, wrote:
> Hi Channa,
> You could find out how the Manufacturer of your Wheel pack and ship that
> Model...and, possibly, locate a retailer from whom to obtain the Factory
> (pollibly Pallet-ized ) shipping container and foam blocks or whatever
> else
> they would just discard anyway when they order one in...
> Phil
> Las V
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Chanah Harei-Orr"
> > I'm sending my brent c potter's wheel across the country. How should I
> > pack the box? Is it better to just have UPS pack it? Do I need to
> worry
> > about how much weight from other boxes will sit ontop of this box in the
> > truck?
> > What do you think? Looking for Prompt advice from those with experience
> > in this.
> >
> > Thanks!!
> > Chanah
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