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tool holders

updated mon 5 mar 07


Deborah Thuman on sun 4 mar 07

I was telling my husband about the thread on how to keep the tools from
rolling on the floor. So my husband the wood turner came up with the

1. A piece of clay with grooves large enough to hold a tool that's
laying on its side. One groove for each tool.
2. A piece of clay with impressions so that the tools can be stored
useful end up along with narrow grooves to hold the ribs.
3. A piece of clay in a U shape designed to fit one's wheel area with
impressions for tools (so the tool is always in the same place) and
narrow grooves to hold the ribs.

Pick one (or more) and glaze them so that you can wash off the turning

Now... for the fiber artists in the group (anyone besides me????), how
about a piece of clay say 2" high, maybe 2" wide and perhaps 4" long
with narrow grooves to hold the quilter's rulers that clutter up the
cutting table? Guess that's what I'll be making for me the next class -
along with that dandy holder for my turning tools and ribs.