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natural instincts conference in beaufort, nc

updated mon 5 mar 07


Elizabeth Priddy on sat 3 mar 07

Hey everybody!=0A=0AA few interesting bits about the upcoming conference in=
June '07:=0A=0ABeaufort has excellent diving and is the home of Blackbeard=
's shipwreck=0A=0AThe Holiday Inn Express is pet friendly=0A=0AThe NC Outer=
Banks has excellent surfing and surf/pier/headboat fishing=0A=0AThe confer=
ence is NOT sheduled during storm season=0A=0APresenters include :=0A=0ADan=
FInch, altering thrown pieces, handbuilding, imagery development and desig=
n=0AMarie Gibbons, image and ideation development and alternative surface t=
reatments=0ALois Sharpe, glaze development and techniques for specialized d=
ecoration=0ACandace Young, multiple-part work, specialized and custom tools=
, and piercing=0AJanet Francoeur, gallery issues, quality and venue choices=
, professionalism=0AChris Campbell, business and marketing issues in the ro=
undtable at the aquarium=0AElizabeth Priddy, chinese brush work, repeatable=
image transfer, design tools, and the Priddy PRESS=0A=0APresenters work wi=
ll be available in a show of their work and all participants are invited =
=0Ato participate in a pot swap. Although our local environment is feature=
d heavily, the idea =0Afor this conference is to show many techniques for g=
etting YOUR environment into your work,=0Aboth the literal and the mental a=
nd emotional environmental imagery unique to you.=0A=0ATransportation to wo=
rkshop locations will include shuttle bus service so that you will not have=
to=0Adrive and find things in an unfamiliar place once you get here. But =
you can certainly drive=0Aand carpool. The bus ride will take you through =
a very scenic ride to and from the three=0Asite locations and will give you=
an excellent opportunity to talk with other attendees and =0Aget a breathe=
r to relax and recharge between sessions. Bring lots of photography suppli=
es!=0A=0AThe Duke Marine Lab site and Priddy Clay Studio are about 8 miles =
apart. To and from the =0ADuke site and the Aquarium is just a beautiful r=
ide/drive from Beaufort to Atlantic Beach.=0A=0AThe conference is designed =
so that if you follow your schedule, you will see every presentation.=0AYou=
will not have to choose one versus another. But if one presenter does not=
interest you, =0Athe design tent will be open for everyone throughout the =
conference and you might choose to=0Ado some off-conference exploring.=0A=
=0AThe group dinner on Piver's Island will be a traditional NC pig pickin'.=
(Vegetarian friendly)=0ACatered Lunch at the Aquarium for the business ro=
undtable will include time to explore the=0AAquarium and the estuarine mars=
h to get everyone in the local environmental mood.=0A=0AAlthough people are=
in encouraged to bring their families, the conference is all-adult for all=
of=0Aits scheduled events. There is local Drop-in Daycare available conve=
niently located. Also =0AFort Macon, Boat tours out to the Cape Lookout Li=
ghthouse, 5 quality Golf Courses within =0A10-30 minutes of the hotels, B&B=
's, and oh yeah, the beach!=0A=0AThe Natural Instincts Design Tent will hav=
e materials to try hands-on including :=0A=0AGiffen grips=0AYork kick wheel=
=0AAmaco velvet underglazes and clay=0Ahigh quality chinese brushes=0Atile =
/ bat system=0APriddy PRESS (Pliable, Reusable, Embossing, Sculptural, Stam=
p)=0Acane and vine removable handle=0Asculptural handle tool-making materia=
ls=0A=0ATo be given away in raffles:=0A=0A3 high quality orchid and bamboo =
brushes, 3 happy dot cb, and two mountain horse cb=0A3 chinese painting DVD=
's=0AOne book on chinese painting=0A3 Giffen Grips=0A=0Aand everyone will g=
o home with a starter kit of Amaco velvets, loads of information=0Aon image=
development and application, personalized tools, and a wonderful experienc=
e of the coast.=0A=0AI will be holding quarterly workshops here in Beaufort=
after the Potters Council Regional Conference.=0AIf you are interested in =
presenting here, let me know offlist and we can talk. The PCRC will be=0Aa=
ttended by up to 100 people and the other workshops will be designed for 20=
or less participants.=0AWe are just starting off with a bang and a party. =
I love my baby, but I also love to work!=0A=0AThe facilities here include =
three studio spaces, kilns (pit, raku, chimney, 2 electric, and soon lowfir=
e wood),=0A5 potters wheels (brent CXC, Pacifica 800, York, Clayboss, and b=
rent kick), slab roller, northstar extruder,=0Aa plethora of very high qual=
ity brushes. We bought our home here directly on a Salt Marsh and this pas=
t=0Ayear renovated the studio facilities adding roughly 800 sq feet of stud=
io space to the existing 600 sq ft., =0Amaking it 3 unique indoor spaces t=
otaling 1400 sq ft., a throwing deck, and a small kiln yard.=0A=0AThe area =
is very family friendly with excellent campsites within nine miles of the s=
tudio=0Aand intercoastal waterway access. The environment is tourist frien=
dly but remarkably not=0Adestroyed by commercial industry. Ocracoke and th=
e Rachel Carson Preserve offer banker =0Ahorses, dolphin watches, shelling,=
kayaking, and a "birder's" paradise. =0AHead boats and day long deep sea =
fishing are available either for accompanying =0Afamily members to enjoy or=
for you if you plan to stay a few extra days.=0A=0AMore information will b=
e available soon at the potter's council website but you can register now. =
They=0Aare currently working on the way cool, wish-I-could-go, Architectur=
al Ceramics event. Our ad was in the=0Acurrent Ceramics Monthly, toward th=
e back and the pot in the ad is one of my raku fired 20x10 inch tiles.=0A=
=0AMy website has been recently updated and tweaked to make it friendlier a=
nd I am about to post new=0Ainstructional demos (a five lb bowl and a marbl=
ed underglaze application technique to go along=0Awith the juicer demo). P=
lease let me know if you have any comments or criticism of the website as I=
=0Ahave tried really hard to eliminate all the navigation problems and to =
make it load quickly.=0A=0AAs you can see, I am very excited about the conf=
erence. It will be a wonderful opportunity=0Ato meet more people from the =
Clayart community. Planning the conference has reminded me of=0Ahow great =
this area really is to live and work. It is a very social year for me afte=
r several =0Ababy-bound years and I really love being around the grown-ups =
so much that I am coming to =0ANCECA. I'll be the one with the silly grin =
roomin with Lisa Skeen.=0A=0AWell, that's enough for now ... don't laugh, I=
am just excited=0A=0AElizabeth=0A=0A for pho=
tos=0A=0A=0AElizabeth Priddy=0A=0ABeaufort, NC - USA=0Ahttp://www.elizabeth= =0A_________________________________________________=
___________________________________=0ANeed Mail bonding?=0AGo to the Yahoo!=
Mail Q&A for great tips from Yahoo! Answers users.=0A

Lois on sun 4 mar 07

I am very excited about this conference. It is an honor to be included with
this group of presenters. I look forward to sharing and learning!
Elizabeth is in a wonderful location. There is so much to do and enjoy in
this section of North Carolina.
It will be a grand time!
Hope to meet many clayarters there.

Lois Sharpe

On 3/4/07 1:58 AM, "Elizabeth Priddy" wrote:

> Hey everybody!
> A few interesting bits about the upcoming conference in June '07:
> Beaufort has excellent diving and is the home of Blackbeard's shipwreck
> The Holiday Inn Express is pet friendly
> The NC Outer Banks has excellent surfing and surf/pier/headboat fishing
> The conference is NOT sheduled during storm season
> Presenters include :
> Dan FInch, altering thrown pieces, handbuilding, imagery development and
> design
> Marie Gibbons, image and ideation development and alternative surface
> treatments
> Lois Sharpe, glaze development and techniques for specialized decoration
> Candace Young, multiple-part work, specialized and custom tools, and piercing
> Janet Francoeur, gallery issues, quality and venue choices, professionalism
> Chris Campbell, business and marketing issues in the roundtable at the
> aquarium
> Elizabeth Priddy, chinese brush work, repeatable image transfer, design tools,
> and the Priddy PRESS

Mary Leither on sun 4 mar 07

Dear Elizabeth,

Good for you.

Don't those clay babies grow into elephants or quickly multiply into a herd!

I'll have to look at this more closely after NCECA and see how far you are
from Beaufort SC or Pawleys. What an amazing job you have done. I'd love to
attend the conference, but I'll probably have to wait a year.

This summer I'm doing a summer pilot for a school district to help them
develop a fully integrated middle school curriculum over the next 2 years
based on clay. I have been working with them to introduce the concept that
clay is a multi dimensional, multi subject learning tool as well as an art
form. The children get best educational practices, a real sustainable clay
experience and are exposed to the day to day rhythm of a working artist. The
art teacher gets ceramic training. All this for the cost of a box of clay.
I get to work within a vibrant community, communicate my art form, and
reintroduce clay.

I'm a potter, with a CPA background, and served on too many special
education parent advocacy boards as my children grew up, so I write
integrated curriculum easily. I just tell folks rather than right or left
brained, I operate in the no brain zone!

I hadn't planned on starting a company MudMats to sell printers blankets but
it seemed like it was the only logical multipurpose classroom solution. If
the programs are to be sustainable I figured I needed to address teacher
enrichment, lesson plans that excited and explained process as well as
communicated my art form, curriculum both art and core subject, budget, and
facility which included safety, space, storage, set up and clean up. The
good news was that it ended up making a vast improvement to my studio.

I'm frantically trying to finish the k-12 NCECA forum presentation, pack for
my booth, and praying that after years of hoping, nursing, volunteering,
sweating for this elephant clay baby the gods have some provision for
rescheduling any interviews for grants that might stand a prayer of being
awarded and land smack dab in the middle of NCECA. Otherwise I'm afraid I'm
going to have to meet myself coming and going. ........ I'm not going to
break out in hives yet because well it's a non- issue at this moment. I'm
already not sleeping, and hives will not improve my looks.

Mary Leither