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giving credit for firing

updated sun 4 mar 07


mel jacobson on sat 3 mar 07

i could not be more in agreement.

there are far too many folks that sponge, take
for granted and generally use other people's time,
talent and good will for granted.

one has to speak up...kick them in the ass.
send a letter.

one story.

was teaching at the art center...lovely young woman
wanted me to demo a teapot...i did.
she took it...altered it a bit, and then she asked
me to demo shino on that pot a week later...i did...added a big
wax resist area, then a finger design. soda ash wash.
it was really a beauty out of the kiln...classic mel.

she entered it in a her own.
won first prize..i called her..said `i wanted the
ribbon, with my name on it/sharpie would be ok...and i wanted my name
on the pot in the show.`
she hung up on me...i never heard from her again.
i laughed...said.
`well, consider the source.`
but at lease she knew...i knew..and would have to deal with it.

it is so easy to give a bit of credit, hand out applause now
and then.

i am in the process of naming all the glazes that folks sent me.
giving credit with the folk's names on the bucket, in my notes
and if they are out there, they will be high five`d.
have 80 pots ready for bisque, some new shapes and sizes.
and, they will all have new glazes on them.
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