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creating my own paper clay formula

updated sat 3 mar 07


Meryl Ruth on fri 2 mar 07

I am very excited about a new batch of paper clay that I created =
recently taking all the great advice folks have offered me on this =

I used porcelain slip, a white stoneware body clay, scraps of leftover =
paper clay that I had purchased (another white stoneware body) and I =
also added cotton linter which I shredded (after purchasing a paper =
shredder) and newspaper.=20

The result was a very strong white clay body. Working with it was so =
easy. There was no cracking at all. The glazes worked beautifully and =
the color I was trying to achieve came out vibrant.=20

I hope to replicate this new clay body when I have finished using the =
clay I have stored.=20

Please check out a new piece called "I Love Lucy" on the homepage of my =
updated website to see the first results from this new clay body.=20

Thanks for all you wonderful help. Folks continue to be extremely =
generous with their insights and discoveries.=20

Meryl Ruth, Porcelain Grace