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accouterments and mug handles

updated thu 1 mar 07


Fred Parker on wed 28 feb 07

Hi Deb Thuman:

I, too, have a touch of the mug obsession now. Thanks to a couple of very
generous Clayart friends I managed to get some incredible direct
instruction on mugs and handles, and that got me past the hurdle you
face. (Thanks again, Mark and Pottermim) If you're anywhere near middle
Georgia, let me know and I will gladly show you everything I know. I will
also explain the well known "Issenberg admonition" which more-or-less
says, "after you've made fifty or so, it gets a lot easier..." Much
potting Truth there.

If middle Georgia is not possible, and if no one steps forward to
volunteer in your area, then BY ALL MEANS invest the forty bucks in Tony
Clennell's video on handle making. It covers much more than mug handles,
and WILL inspire you to produce wonderfully creative and graceful
handles. When I don't especially feel like making handles for a batch of
mugs I have drying, I rewatch part of the video. Within minutes I can't
wait to get to the studio...

And just so you know, I have absolutely no financial interest in the
video, blah, blah, blah ad lawyerum infinitum maximus. Never even met

Fred Parker

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 21:32:47 -0700, Deborah Thuman

>This could be a bit of a challenge seeing as to how I
>make the worst handles on earth. No really - they are indeed that bad.
>I may try the handle idea in the Nov/Dec issue of Pottery Making