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naming kilns - sangria for all!

updated mon 26 feb 07


Beth Spindler on sun 25 feb 07

Forgive me....prior email not intended to exclude anyone from enjoying sangria as I celebrate Cornelia Beatrice's christening (my kiln)! Cheers! and add more Valencia orange slices to the mix,please :)
Beth in Snowy, ICY foothills of VA......hurry spring!!!

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This is going to require some thought. Over the years, I have named my
cars----(my first car) Bessie Buick--a '49 torpedo body, 4 hole,(you have to
know buicks to understand that one. It was a first to have that design and
strangley, many years later, I had one of the last 4 holers--either 56 or 57.)
huge steering wheel, no power steering. Trunk was full of straw when I bought
it. After that was the memorable Freddie Ford. Now to name the kiln--I have
called it a few names in the past which I won't print but after two very nice
firings this last weekand I love it again.

I do have a kiln goddess which I bought. It is a raku lady with long black
hair and a bowl on her head. I did talk with her and told her to make these
firings good--and she did.

Shall we all try the Sangria?
Phyllis Tilton

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