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paypal at shows

updated sat 24 feb 07


Nancy Guido on fri 23 feb 07

What an interesting concept! Blackberry will only be as good as your service. My husband's Blackberry is serviced by Nextel. He got absolutely no service when we crossed the bridge to the U.P. this past summer (we're in Michigan). I have Cingular - I had service only in major cities.

However, my husband has a new job which requires him to travel and he needs his computer to work wherever he goes so he bought a Sprint Satellite card. This fits in his computer like a wireless card (he has wireless, but that is dependent upon a wireless router). You pay for the card and then the monthly service which would be the same with the Blackberry.

This allows you to use your laptop anywhere.

As far as Paypal at a show, would the customer have to sign up for a paypal account? I don't know how that works.

nancy g.