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new business and shipping in canada

updated sat 24 feb 07


Iben Vedel on fri 23 feb 07

=0A=0AHello all,=0A=0AThis is mostly for Canadian Potters.=0A=0AI moved to =
Ottawa, Canada last year and have now=0Asettled down has a=0A=0Aclay artist=
wanting to sell my art on the internet among others.=0A=0AI have had a loo=
k at the archives and have found many answers to my=0A=0Aquestions.=0A=0AI =
do still have some though, so I was wondering if people would be=0A=0Awilli=
ng to share a little more with me, you could write to me off line.=0A=0AI u=
nderstand that the right packing is important, but what about insurance?=0A=
=0ASome say you have to insure everything with an insurance company?=0A=0AI=
also understand that some potters have sent pieces with the same=0A=0Acomp=
any for many years with very little breakage, but not having much=0A=0Aluck=
with claiming for broken pieces?=0A=0AAny advice you have regarding any of=
these subjects is highly appreciated.=0A=0AThanks in advance.=0A=0AIben Ve= =0Awww.nebi=
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