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videoconferencing of workshops

updated sun 18 feb 07


Tom Sawyer on sun 18 feb 07

Just curious but has any of the workshop gurus thought of putting on a live
computer/video workshop. It might require a few helpers such as a person
controlling the video and someone who could take typed questions if a
participant didn't have the ability to verbally ask questions because of
equipment limitations. I would be willing to pay a fee and the workshop
audience could be larger so the person putting on the workshop could
experience more of a financial gain. In addition, the guru and the attendees
would save the expense and time of travel as well as room and board. It
might require the attendees to purchase a software program and if the
persons doing workshops on this listserve could get together and agree upon
a standard, this could be a one time purchase. There could be some silent
work time with a regathering and showing of work at the end of the day with
critiques. Everyone could stay at home and work with their own equipment
including the person doing the workshop. Is it time to move into the 21st

Tom Sawyer

Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on sun 18 feb 07

Dear Tom,
some while back I bought a domain name to cater solely just for that =
purpose, if anyone is interested I could organise a series of demos, =
initially with questions posed on the Clayart site. I am willin g if =
anyone else is.

happy potting Marek

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