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spring workshops in troy, ny

updated sun 11 feb 07


JoAnn Axford on sat 10 feb 07

The Arts Center of The Capital Region, Troy, New York, Spring =20
Workshop Schedule:

Jeff Zamek

Saturday, March 3, 10:00-4:00

Albany Slip & Cone 6 Glaze Workshop

The first part of the workshop will consist of lectures on the =20
history, processing, and the eventual demise of commercially =20
available Albany slip clay. Students can bring their fired Albany =20
slip (local clay) samples for evaluation. Alternate Albany slip glaze =20=

formulas will be discussed with the inclusion of Albany slip =20
substitutes. The second part of the workshop will discuss cone 6, =20
electric kiln firing clay body and glazes. Glaze samples will be =20
demonstrated with accompanying formulas. Cone 6 raw materials will be =20=

reviewed along with choosing the appropriate clay body formulas for =20
sculptural and functional pottery. Kiln firing cycles for bisque and =20
cone 6 will be reviewed in detail.

Posey Bacopoulos
FridayMarch 23, 2007 7-8 pm
Majolica and More! Slide Lecture with Posey Bacopoulos
The artist will be kicking off her Saturday and Sunday workshop with =20
a slide show and lecture on majolica, which is a glaze and decorating =20=

tradition that began in the Middle Ease in the 9th century. Please =20
call to reserve a space!

Saturday and Sunday,March 24 =96 25, 2007
=93Majolica and More=94
Posey will spend two days demonstrating wheel-thrown and altered =20
forms with majolica decoration. The workshop will emphasize a =20
thoughtful approach to the construction of functional pots which =20
combine wheel-thrown, altered, and handbuilt sections. Participants =20
will learn a variety of altering techniques, including the creation =20
of oval forms such as bakers, pitchers, and vases. Alternative =20
approaches to attachments such as handles, spouts, and feet will also =20=

be explored. Posey will talk about the history of Majolica, and =20
demonstrate a variety of majolica decorating techniques. Participants =20=

will learn the technical aspects of working with majolica materials =20
and receive handouts with recipes and other relevant information

Mary Barringer

Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3, 2007
=93Ceramic History in Studio Practice=94
Mary Barringer will present a two-day workshop focusing on the use of =20=

ceramic history in studio practice. Each day will begin with a slide =20=

lecture on a particular theme =96 pouring vessels for instance.The =20
slides will include ceramics from many cultures and time periods and =20
explore the technology of those times. Participants will then engage =20=

in a period of hand-on exercises designed to help them explore their =20
impressions of the slides they have seen. The afternoons will be =20
devoted to development of a piece or pieces based on the slides and =20
the work from the exercises. Participants will learn techniques that =20
will allow them to use history to gain a new perspective on their =20
contemporary work.

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