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how meaningful are eutectics?how useful are eutectics to us?

updated sat 10 feb 07


Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 9 feb 07

Dear Lili,

You ask ...

Based on the reading I have done and experiments I have conducted they =
may have no practical use. There is one exception. It is possible to get =
rocks, not pure minerals (I say "Rock" with strong emphasis) that =
contains a structure of closely interleaved crystals that seems to mimic =
the structures of crystallised eutectic melts and their solid state =
counterparts (Eutectoids). Those Rocks are sometimes available to =
potters. Nepheline Syenite is an example used in some glaze recipes.

But as you say, in the real world variability plays an important role.

In the end, perhaps it depends on definitions of "Eutectic". Singer and =
Singer give us two ways of looking at things. I just think modern =
commentators and writers never bothered to discriminate between them. =
This has distracted thinking away from the effects of "Solid Solutions" =
and "Solid State Reactions"=20

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.