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graham hay paperclay workshops in bc, canada in march

updated sat 10 feb 07


Maggie Leal-Valias on fri 9 feb 07

I am new to the list and will enjoy participating in discussions in the
near future but this time, I just want to let people know that there are
still a few places open in a paperclay workshop given by Graham Hay in
British Columbia, Canada (just across the Idaho border). Graham, an
Australian ceramic artist and paperclay authority is speaking and
demonstrating new paperclay techniques at NCECA in March and then
darting up to Canada for two, two day workshops in the Kootenay Lake area.
Canadian Clayart members and those living in Idaho or Washington may be
interested. Some members of our group, the Wynndel Mudders, have said they
would help out with accommodation if needed. It is going to be a great
time. When he leaves us, he is off to Phoenix to Mishy and the Desert
Dragon Studio. I think her workshop is full, however.

Graham gives terrific workshops. It was he and Rosette Gault from Seattle
who first got me started with paperclay. I am working almost exclusively
with it these days. Rosette did a paperclay research residency in Canada
at the Banff Centre a couple of years ago and she and Graham were guest
artists at the first International Paperclay Symposium in Hungary in 2004.
You can see his work at

I=92m not sure how it works with the discussion board but I imagine anyone
interested would reply to this posting and we would have to work out how
to make direct contact. It would be great to share some cross border fun
and creativity with our US Neighbours.
Cheers everyone,