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small bits in the kiln and glaze removal from shelves

updated fri 9 feb 07


Phyllis Tilton on thu 8 feb 07

Thank you, Vince, for your answer. I don't know why I pictured in my mind that gas burners could cause currents of air that would dislodge the 'bits'. I think you are right about the edges and other possible flakey areas causing the problem. The gas kiln is in a community center and the instructor directs the loading and care of the shelves. Many hands are involved.

One more thing---and this is about glaze drips on the shelves. In another city, I visited a good sized place that held classes to teach ceramics. There was a big sign that stated a fine--$5.00 for each glaze drip on a shelf. To me, that put a whole new spin on runny glazes, kind of feathering the glaze toward the bottom of the pot, or not letting the glaze go clear to the bottom edge.

Again, thanks, Vince
Phyllis Tilton
Charter Member Potter's Council