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water-fountain gazing globe stand - getting the water to flow

updated mon 5 feb 07


Murphy Brown on sun 4 feb 07

Hello all-

I was asked to make a stand of about 3ft high for a gazing globe ball. This
commission is unfortunately for the parents of which their son had passed
away. It is to go into a memory garden for him in their backyard and they
had asked me if I could make it for them. They love this gazing globe as it
has beautiful colors of sea-green and white and looks like waves as he was a
sailor and we live here by the ocean - very peaceful and tranquil to feel by
looking at it. The parents thought the other stands they saw looked liked
belonged in a cemetery and were to formal or structured they came to me
asking if I could do something more organic/wavelike. Well perhaps of course
I am open to design ideas; however, my main question is if anyone has easily
made a water-fountain stand? How do you do that/make it work? They did not
ask it to be made into a water-fountain but I think it might be a nice
possibility/addition. She choose which clay and glaze she preferred - which
was a rough sandy tan stoneware and white glaze -- I just thought with the
wave and water theme - how could I get the water to flow up the stand and
out? Please please please - does anyone have any ideas??? Or guided
direction? Is it simple or very difficult? I think it will add to the
tranquility and something to consider.

Thank you for your help,
Barbara Arner