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kiln $500 boston area

updated sat 3 feb 07


Liza Curtis on fri 2 feb 07

So I have lowered the price, it seems low to me because it is in great shape- but it is about 8 years old so...

Evenheat kiln, it is 23 1/2" wide and 29" deep. It is the older version of RM II 2329. The kiln is about 8 years old and has been gently used by a hobby potter. The difference between the two kilns is the ramp controller, other than that the kilns are the same. The kiln sitter on this kiln is the "Perfect Fire Ramp Master Model HDTP-56". I have the manuals for the kiln and ramp controller as well as the vent. The vent is made by Orton. The kiln is on a dolly so you can move it around.

I also have all firing logs from the kilns previous firings. This kiln has been well cared for and is in great shape, all the kiln brick and elements are intact- they are not chipped or streched or anything. I have had a hard time pricing the kiln because to me it is in perfect shape and almost like new- I would be happy to show it this weekend, please see inclosed pictures.

This is a great deal for a great kiln- if I had more time I would not have lowered the price, but we are moving and can not take it with us.

Thank you!