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how many posts for 18" x 24" shelves?

updated sat 10 feb 07


Paul Borian on thu 1 feb 07

i have always put a post in each corner of my 18" X 24" shelves but i just
got some new ones and these have relief cuts on each edge, and one of them
is in a bad place for the way i normal post the shelves as it is too close
to the side. this is because the shelves were cut down from 24" x 24"
shelves. It seems like the obvious way to get around the problem is just to
use three posts in a triangular pattern (two at corners and one in the
middle of an edge). Is there anyone out there with shelves about this size
that does it that way? Or do most people put a post in each corner?

Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 9 feb 07

Dear Ben Shelton,=20

It would be a simple task for an engineer or mathematician to calculate =
the optimum centres for prop location that would minimise and equalise =
the unsupported loads on a shelf.

If you construct a diagram with an isosceles triangle whose height is =
equal to the width of a shelf then superimpose a second triangle where =
the base extends to the length of the shelf you will see what I mean

The optimum location is somewhere in between the two positions.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.