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cone 10 salt/soda glazes

updated wed 31 jan 07


Sam Hitchman on tue 30 jan 07

Hi, My name is Sam Hitchman, and I am looking for anyone who has a
glaze/slip that they have found works out nicely in a Salt kiln. Currently i
am a student at Miami University of Oxford Ohio, and am a Ceramics Major. My
interests have leaned towards the alluring qualities of the salt kiln.
Opening the door on a salt kiln is like no other, finding out that the piece
you loved before you fired, turned out to be just that much better since
salting. I want to invest time into finding out more glazes or slips that
work well in Cone 10 soda/salt. We have a list of studio glazes, that i
would be willing to trade some recipes. Who knows, maybe i can offer you
some help, whilst you help me.