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c6 vs c10 ox...

updated wed 31 jan 07


Bob Hanlin on tue 30 jan 07

Lisa:=0A=0AI made the switch from c10R to c6Ox about 21/2 years ago. I use=
Cone5 Bmix and fire it to c6. I don't notice much difference in the ware =
other than that which is obvious in the glazes. The ware is similar and th=
e shrinkage is about 2% less at c6. C5 Bmix at c6 is vitrious and very stro=
ng. I'm happy at the lower temperature if you can call 2232F vs 2400F lowe=
r tempature. The firings are shorter (naturally). =0A=0ADon't know if th=
is is the kind of thing you wanted to hear or not. If you need more specif=
ic stuff, let me