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downshifting to cone 6

updated fri 26 jan 07


The Fuzzy Chef on thu 25 jan 07


First off, thanks everyone for the advice on cheap wheels. I'll probably
go with the Brent IE ... I'll tell people how it works out.

In my new studio I'm having to switch from my Cone 10 Paragon kiln to a
lower-power electric kiln which only does Cone 6. I'd love some advice in
switching down-temperature, particularly:

-- Which are the best Cone 6 glaze books?
-- Has anyone used the GlazeMaster software? How useful is it? How buggy?
-- Are there any rules/suggestions on modifying a cone 10 oxidation glaze
to mature at Cone 6, or is that a lost cause? (I have several original
glazes I'd hate to give up).
-- What porcelain-like clay bodies are best at Cone 6? I'm on the West
Coast, so Laguna is cetainly easier to get
-- any other advice for a cone 10 person downshifting to cone 6?

The Fuzzy Chef
San Francisco