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salt cellar- harlan house salt box with wooden lid

updated thu 25 jan 07


Eva Gallagher on thu 25 jan 07

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From: "Eleanor"
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 11:27 AM
Subject: salt cellar- kosher

Eleanor - if you click on Harlan House's webiste and click on exhibitions
you should get a pic of his porcelain salt box with a wooden lid. Lovely.
Eva Gallagher
Deep River Potters' Guild

> The salt container was a beautiful thing. It was low, capacious, wide
> enough to admit a hand and IT HAD A LID. The lid was made of wood and
> overhung the opening. So you could push it up with the back of your
> hand or your wrist, reach in for salt and the lid would fall back
> into place when you removed your hand. The attachment was simple: a
> little hole on each side of the container, a little wooden peg on
> each side of the lid which fit loosely into the holes.
> I have a salt canister from another set. It's more elaborate, has a
> wooden back and the wooden lid was attached to the back with a metal
> hinge. The hinge has long since broken; if my mother's container had
> survived, it might still be working.
> Salt canisters with lids might be a 21st century potting idea. Coarse
> salt appears in a number of recipes I've seen and is used in brining
> meat and poultry, a process gaining in popularity as fast as meats
> are losing their taste, due to increasing "healthy" fatless processing.
> And what about that gorgeous iridescent glaze? Any recipes?
> Eleanor Kohler
> Centerport, NY
> Blizzard last night -- deposited a whopping quarter inch of snow.
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