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low and high fire glazes on sculpture

updated wed 24 jan 07


Michael Buonaiuto on mon 22 jan 07


I am experimenting with crystalline glazes (very runny) on small
sculptures. All of the advice I've read says to make a pedestal/
catcher arrangement, but this doesn't work well because the irregular
shapes I am making don't lend themselves to a pedestal that can be
cleanly separated.

So: does anyone have any experience using a high fire glaze on half
of a piece, firing to come 9 or 10, flipping it over and then glazing
the other half in a low-fire glaze, and refiring it to a much lower
temperature? Will the already-fired glaze remain solid or will it go
liquid? Is this a good idea or will I get a runny mess?


I am new to the listserve and relatively new to ceramic work so
forgive me if I ask a question with an obvious answer.