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was: 1905 "grand feu ceramics"- now: thread on archiving digitial

updated tue 23 jan 07


Alex Solla on mon 22 jan 07


Just curious if anyone else out there has been researching
the ongoing issue of archival issues in the digital world.
Guess what I mean is that once something is digitized doesnt mean
it is archival. Formats change/die off, media become unreadable, storage
becomes an issue...and so on.

I guess I am wondering if anyone has kept current on this issue.
Would love to know more about this. I've kind of left the
issues behind me when I left the library world 4 years ago.

Alex Solla

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Lee wrote::

Good way to preserve knowledge for the future. It is like the
digitizing of the film archives that are melting.

Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls. They disintegrated in less
than a couple thousand years.