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salt pygg/pig

updated tue 23 jan 07


Joyce Lee on mon 22 jan 07

"Anyway, there was a salt pig for sale. "They"
say that the concept of a salt "pig" came from the
early something hundreds .... 1700s, 1800s? when
the containers for coarse salt were called "pygg"
in honor of the clay from which they were created.....
a clay called "pygg." Some conjecture that the
pygg was derived from the name of the potter who
was known for using a specific kind of clay. The wide
access on the
side of the salt pigs was to allow the cook's hand
to reach inside the pig."

The above is a quote from my lengthy post on Nov. 28,
2006. I found Salt Pigs in the Napa Way catalog
and became intrigued enough to make the concept
of a salt pig a five minutes research project via Google.
I'm still intrigued.

In the Mojave desert of California USA...... cold, humidity
around 10...... no rain in sight, of course....