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salt pygg/archives july 31, 1997

updated tue 23 jan 07


Joyce Lee on mon 22 jan 07

salt pig / pygg!
updated thu 31 jul 97

Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on wed 16 jul 97

Amy I remember a few months ago there was a thread on
Money Pigs. These salt pigs have the same origin. Pygg
was the type of clay that was used at the time in the UK,
when they were being first made. These were little pots
that wives would use normally in the kitchen. They would
use one to store whatever little money they could save in
one such pot. I guess they would store the salt in
another, it being very expensive in those days and could
not be wasted. The name carried on even after other
types of clay were being used to make the pots. The
potters started making the money pigs to look like pigs
since this was some time later and they did not realise
the name referred to the clay and not the animal.
I amhoping the person who posted the original note on
this will send it again, it was very interesting. In the
meantime I hope this helps, Ralph in PE SA.