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food safety testing

updated tue 23 jan 07


timothy knick on mon 22 jan 07

Hello all,
I am opening my pottery store soon. I have all of my glazes picked and am curios about leach tests. I use one base, 25silica 25 grolleg 25 custer and 25 whiting. I fire to cone 9. I mix ten different mason stains with my base for different colors, plus a cobalt and an iron. I have determined all of the toxic metals in each of the different glazes. They include sodium, chromium, vanadium, cobalt, praseodymium, cadmium, and selenium. I need to know for sure that they are food safe, so when a customer asks me, I can tell them with one hundred percent certainty. My problems are these: first, I can't find a lab that tests for praseodymium, second, There are only legal limits set for one or two of these metals. So if I get my leach test results back and they say a miniscule amount for one that does not have a legal limit, how will I know if it is safe?
Timothy Knick

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