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thanks - was commercial glazes & stains

updated sun 21 jan 07


Dina Barnese on sat 20 jan 07

Thanks for all of the responses to my questions regarding the use of
commercial glazes and stains. I appreciate the opinions and must say I
agree with everything that was said. I also do not believe that using
these products is cheating... but I was also interested to hear how
people who have been in this business for years felt about it.

I am experimenting with colored slips of various colors and shades and
also some commercial glazes and am having a lot of fun making my
creations. I'm currently VERY limited on studio space - most of my shelf
space is used for drying. I have no room at all for glaze materials, nor
do I have the time to test.

I took a very interesting class a few years back at NAU - it was a
Glazing & Firing class (In years past I took quite a few classes over
there, when my major was Ceramics) - so I have a good understanding of
glaze chemistry. We also made our own clay bodies, which was a great
experience. I'm now using pre-mixed clay and love the consistency of the
product. I can concentrate on what is really important: making my work.

Frankly, the most important thing to me is my work, and how happy my
customers are. If it sells, I have to figure they like what I'm making. :-)