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salt cellars

updated mon 22 jan 07


Clayhannie@AOL.COM on sat 20 jan 07

This is a different shape.
Years ago I had the privilege to visit Ruth Duckworths studio. There, on a
clay dusty table was a pile of little round things. They were enclosed bowls
about 2 inches in diameter with one side slightly pointed with a small hole in
the top. About a third of the top of the form (opposite the pointy part) was
cut out. They looked almost like round slippers with round bottoms. She said
they were salt cellars and she used them for glaze tests and yes, she would
sell them. Needless to say, I got a couple.

Martha Griffith

Phyllis Tilton on sun 21 jan 07

Here are my 2 cents worth. We had salt cellars at each place on the dining room table. When we had green onions--fresh from the garden--we would dip the end in the salt for each bite. Ditto for celery. I truly do not remember when we quit using those but I do have some of the little cellars stashed away. The cellars on our table were oval and glass and had some etching on the sides. We used good old Morton's. In that little farm town, we had never heard of kosher salt and I'm not sure that sea salt had come inland that far.

Phyllis Tilton