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nitrite bonded sic shelves

updated sat 20 jan 07


Nancy Udell on fri 19 jan 07

To answer Kenneth's question, I used 4 posts, n, s, e, and w. no
post in the middle.

To Bill, the shelves were packed two per box. They were taped
together with a layer of styrofoam (the hard kind) in between. The
box was filled with styrofoam squares, again the hard kind. The top
and bottom of the box was filled with injected foam, so they did look
secure. On the other hand, the boxes did look beat up and I can't
think of any other reason the shelves would have cracked like that.
They had the fragile stickers on them and maybe someone who was
having a bad day just dumped them hard? I can't think of anything else.

The Axner customer service person and I are trading calls. I'm sure
they will be responsible about it and take them back.

The good news (I guess) is that the last two 1/2 thorley shleves i
got have not cracked yet. Maybe that problem is finally over? I
can't justify the cost of the advancers at this point.

Thanks for any input.

Nancy Udell
Santa Fe, NM