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fw: re: nitrite bonded sic kiln shelves --broken in kiln

updated sat 20 jan 07


Ingeborg on fri 19 jan 07

Bill said:

>> I have purchased supplies & equipment from Axner several times over a few
>> years. Except for a kiln that was strapped to a pallet and wheels that
>> were
>> boxed, everything else I've gotten from them has been poorly packed.
>> Several
>> times I've gotten boxes that looked like they were dragged behind the
>> truck!
>> Most of the time all arrived ok, but the items were not packed

Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 7:07 PM
Subject: Re: nitrite bonded sic kiln shelves --broken in kiln

> I received my order of nitrite bonded shelves from Axners via trucking
> carrier yesterday and was disappointed that upon opening some of the
> cartons, three shelves were broken. The damage was not visible from the
> exterior and I've spoken to the carrier as well as customer service at
> Axner. Now, I wonder if the shelves that appear to be fine are also
> fractured and will fail in the firing.
> I paid for the skid as well as $120 for packing. The packing in my
> opinion has much to be desired. The shelves were packed in a cardboard
> box and sandwiched between each shelf was a corrugated piece of cardboard
> the size of the shelf. It would seem they ran out of the corrugated
> cardboard as most of the shelves had 1/4 sheet (torn off a whole sheet) I
> would be surprised if the packing cost $20. Perhaps the shelves came that
> way from China but....
> I am sure they will make things right but really, it is disappointing and
> a hassle to be sure.
> Ingeborg
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