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broken handles and split mugs

updated sat 20 jan 07


Bacia Edelman on thu 18 jan 07

Lili wrote:

>>As to split mugs----a small tremor up my spine. Some weeks. months ago
ClayArt was talking about delayed shivering....A vertical split appearing on
a mug raises the alarm. I do not know how one can induce shivering. I
know little about shivering in pots....It might be a thought here...<<

I didn't see the original post, assume that a customer bought work when it was
in good condition and tried to return it when it was not.

The description of split mug sounds like DUNTING. Hamer and Hamer has a lot
on that subject, including when it could happen weeks after removal from the
glaze kiln.

In case I am way off on this, I will not continue ruminating on the issue.

It is amazing how, with our love of clay, we put up with so many obstacles and
mountains to move, and still work on and on.



Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin