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testing glaze viscosity

updated sat 20 jan 07


Ben Shelton on wed 17 jan 07

I have been reading up on glaze testing lately and saw agreat page detailing
the use of a glaze viscosity testing "tile" or "ramp". The article can be
found at

The article mentions that an angle less than 45 degrees is preffered but it
doesn't give an example of a "Good" angle

has anyone got any experience with this or an idea of what angle range would
be helpful???

Thanks, Ben

Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 19 jan 07

Dear Ben Shelton,

I would suggest that a "Preferred angle of 45 degrees" might be =
considered "Good" but shallower slopes will exhibit less movement of the =
wave front. Whatever angle you choose to use, standardise on that value =
if you intend comparing all of your glazes. But may also pay to design a =
test piece that exhibits design features of your work.

You should find information in early industrial ceramic literature. =
Singer and Singer, "Industrial Ceramics" may be a good place to start. =
The names James and Norris seem to ring a bell.

Best regards

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.