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hole makers, salt shakers

updated wed 17 jan 07


Lili Krakowski on tue 16 jan 07

The ribs from broken umbrellas make lovely tools for making holes. Learned
that from Norah Braden--in rainy London no less.

As to bigger holes. Of course you all use old drill bits...a garage may
give you some big ones. BUT

On trash day go find yourself some copper pipe. Wearing safety glasses and
workgloves, cut a piece of pipe 4"-5" long. and cut one end at a 20-30
degree angle. Now file that end (the one cut on a diagonal) very very
sharp. With a round file, clean burrs from inside. You now have a hole
cutting tool that will work on clay, but also to make holes in corks. (I
learned this whole thing from a man who had a wine making supply store in
Greenwich Village.)

I like to drill a hole through the pipe about 1/2 inch from top (opposite
end from cutting end) and put a big nail through to give me a better grip
when turning the tool to make the hole.

As to salt shakers. MANY people nowadays either use kosher salt, or other
big grained salts. Why not make some salt shakers for them" Unless they
can go to St Sauveur and get some of Anne's salt -pigs! (How did they turn
out, Anne?)

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage