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chinese clay art newsletter jan, 2007

updated wed 17 jan 07


Guangzhen Zhou on tue 16 jan 07

NCECA Activities
NCECA Book Signed by Marvin Sweet, 11:00am-12 Noon, Thursday March 15,
At Chinese Clay Art Booth #428-430
details of the book at the book section of
Marvin Sweet is an award-winning ceramist, teacher and writer who has
traveled extensively in China and has authored several articles on artistic
influences shared between Eastern and Western cultures. His own work has
been featured in several books and magazines and exhibited throughout the
United States and abroad. Over the past twenty-five years he amassed a
collection of Chinese scholar art which includes scholar’s rocks, root
art and other objects used on the scholar’s table, as well as nearly
200 Yixing teapots which date from the 18th century to the present. This
collection served as the basis for his book which was recently featured at
the Frankfurt Book Fair.

NCECA Topical Discussion, 3:30- 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 15,
“Yixing Clay and Tea Traditions”
Lead by Stephen Scott Robison, Gao Ying-Zi, and Guangzhen Zhou.

NCECA Panel, 8:30-10:00am, Friday, March 16.
Ceramic Education Using Electronic Resources
Mel Jacobson, Moderator. Panel: Vince Pitelka, Elizabeth `Snail` Scott, and
Guangzhen "Po" Zhou. Po Zhou will present “Bring Chinese Ceramic
Culture to the Western World through the Internet”. Founded in 1999,
"Chinese Clay Art" is an English newsletter emailed bi-monthly to
professional artists, curators, collectors, writers, experts, educators and
students in the ceramic field, who want to know about ceramic art in China
and things related. This newsletter is a bridge between China and Western
countries for the ceramic arts.
Free “Clayart” bags and educational poster of “100 pieces of
Chinese Historical Ceramic Art” will be given away after the talk.

NCECA China Reunion Party, 6pm Friday, March 16,
Same as we have been doing before, we are going to host a China Reunion
dinner party at one of the local Chinese restaurants. This party is Free of
charges for everyone who has been to China, or plans to visit China in the
future. Please come over to our booth #428-430 to sign up and receive the
name and address of the restaurant.

NCECA Video Screening
Produced by Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA, a video titled “The World
Teapot Making Center--Yixing China” will be shown during the NCECA
program of Video Screening in March 2007. The video is about 80 minutes in
length. This English Video is all about the ceramic town of Yixing China,
the history of Yixing ceramics, and the traditional techniques and process
of teapot making. More information will be listed in the NCECA program guide

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