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broken handles and split mugs

updated wed 17 jan 07


Lili Krakowski on tue 16 jan 07

To be blunt: there are dishonest customers out there...and every business
runs into them. Dress shops will tell you of all sorts of gimmicks by which
customers buy something for a "special occasion" and try to return it as
"defective" after wearing it once. (Why dress shops should test returns for

I was once in a good restaurant (our agency's guest) when headwaiter came
to ask had we seen the person who had "abandoned" a nearby table. We hadn't.
The waiter said it was not that rare for someone to order, eat, leave some
food and wine unfinished, get up as though to go phone, or to the loo....and
vamoose leaving bill unpaid.

The broken handle case is a bit dodgy--where there are handles one tends,
instinctively, to grab them. I think the idea of eliminating handles by
taping them down is a good one.

However. Cloth bags are terribly underrated in this country. Were I in a
selling situation (I never sold directly) I would buy a whole bunch of cloth
leftovers at a fabric store, sew myself cloth bags, with a gallery and
drawstring atop (would take ten minutes to do), or open, with handles, put
my name on them, and either give them away with larger purchases, OR "lend
them"-- "Just keep it for your next visit with us."

As to split mugs----a small tremor up my spine. Some weeks. months ago
ClayArt was talking about delayed shivering....A vertical split appearing on
a mug raises the alarm. I do not know how one can induce shivering. I
know little about shivering in pots....It might be a thought here...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage