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first and second saggar firing

updated mon 15 jan 07


Taylor Hendrix on sun 14 jan 07

Howdy everybody.

February is Bountiful Bowls here in Aransas County and last year I had
a pit firing for all the potters coming for the show. I was planning
on doing the same this year; however, that might not happen because of
all the rain we have had. Right now the pit has about 6 inches of
water in the bottom and we are do more rain this next week. I thought
this might happen, so I rushed a kiln conversion so I could have
something to saggar fire in. Today I had my first and second saggar
firings ever.

I used aluminum foil saggars. First firing was so hot almost all the
saggar material was burned away. I migh have been too cautious on the
second firing. Only the two bottom saggars had places burned away.

I have flickred the pics with notes. You can also see my setup. Ugly
but necessary if I am to have anything for Bountiful Bowls this year.

The Watkins sig was fantastic and polished up very well. My redart sig
was just fine on the inside of some of my cylinders as well.


Taylor, in Rockport TX