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seeking nyc intern--know anyone?

updated sat 13 jan 07


Alyssa Ettinger on fri 12 jan 07

i need a new intern!

my intern is leaving at the end of february and i need one to replace her
asap. i cannot offer payment or a stipend, but i can offer course/school

as you may or may not know, i share a studio in williamsburg brooklyn with
three other ceramists. the environment is a lot of fun and very educational:
among other things, these are the women who taught me how to make molds and

i think this is a great opportunity for someone to see the workings of a
more commercial ceramic design studio, and learn how to find his/her way in
art world.

the person i'm seeking should have strong experience working with greenware,
mold-making, slip-casting, half-building. i'd love someone with experience
trimming thrown pieces, but that's not necessary.

if anyone has a student who fits this bill, please send her my way. my work
is on my website, so he/she can get an idea of what's involved.


alyssa <--can i brag? i was just named a "woman to watch in 2007" by a
major design magazine.