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6 seats left for graham hay workshop in santa clara

updated sat 13 jan 07


Judy Lee on thu 11 jan 07

Join OVCAG as we host Graham Hay, internationally known paperclay artist fr=
om Australia. Graham has won many international awards and will be attendi=
ng NCECA this year in Louisville, KY. Awesome work: http://www.grahamhay.c= =0A =0AHands-On -- Paperclay Revolution: Techniques=
& Tips in working with Paperclay=0ADate: March 3-4, 2006=0APlace: Clay=
Planet, Santa Clara, CA=0ATime: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days =0ARegister=
: =
Early Bird Special $145.00 members, $170 non-members =96 register by De=
c.31, 2006. After January 1, 2007, $165 members, $195 non-members. (We wi=
ll extend the Early Bird Special to Clayart until Jan.15.)=0A =0ATopi=
cs and techniques covered in this workshop include both variations of tradi=
tional ceramic practices, as well as methods borrowed from woodwork, metal =
work, leatherwork, papermaking etc:=0A=0AA) Making paperclay (percentages, =
paper and fibre types, types of clay, for fired and non-fired works),=0AB) =
Joining, wet to dry, dry to dry (dip'stick), "pourjoins", combinations (eg =
dipjoins), unfired to fired, lattice vertical and upside down building=0AC)=
Wet, dry, and combination casting, "overcasting", speed casting=0AD) Addit=
ions: pasta and other food clays, foamclay, woolclay, glueclay=0AE) Speed d=
rying and firing aspects=0AF) Sculpturing and texture shortcuts, such as dr=
yballs, feathering, etc=0AG) Implications for studio production and working=
methods.=0AH) The emerging aesthetics.=0AI) Customised slideshows of image=
s selected from over 50 paperclay artists from around the world, to suit th=
e interests and background of the workshop participants.=0A=0A =0A =0AJudy= =0A__________________________=
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