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help from teachers please, with choosing^6 clays

updated sat 13 jan 07


Anne Doyle on thu 11 jan 07

Hi and Happy New Year to Everyone out there in the land of the fire-gods!
I have a newbie quest... to find a cone 6 clay that would be good for me
with my limited skills.
I have tried many of the cone 6 clays that are available from the supplier
45 minutes away. I have the newbie problem/handicap of throwing wet. I
have found that the nice smooth clays like Tuckers mid-smooth stone were
too soft for larger forms if i went thin (probably because i can't throw
dry), collapsing on the wheel... the stiffer clays have sent me running
back to the osteopath and chiro, and the grogged clays leave me badly in
need of a skin graft on my hands...
So, my question then is for the teachers of ceramic arts... Which clays do
you use to teach? I need a clay for throwing small and large bowls and a
clay for handbuilding with hump & slumpmolds for platters.
My latest trial is with Plainsman 325. Apparently there are pinholing
problems to look out for, but for now, i am throwing 600g bowls and i'm
happy, nothing bigger yet with this clay, except once or twice by fluke...
Looking forward to your suggestions with avid interest,
As always, warm regards, even though i'm shivering
in Saint-Sauveur where winter has finally returned and the temp this
morning was -17celcius, with a high for today of -2,BIG BRRRrrrr's!!

Sue Roessel Dura on fri 12 jan 07

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:24:17 -0500, you wrote:

>I have a newbie quest... to find a cone 6 clay that would be good for me
>with my limited skills.
I like Trinity cone 6 stoneware. It seems to do all the things you are =
for ;-) Best, Sue