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updated fri 12 jan 07


Charles Hazelaar on mon 8 jan 07

Possibly Laguna's purchase of Axner manifests itself in changes
to the purchasee's day to day life. You know, memos from the top, new
raising the bar, and -- the taking of things to the next level.
I was there last week and -- probably just my timing -- but the friendly,
out of sync with NPR clam Wa-ness was missing.
I have to go today for an order. I will look for signs of corporateness.

Charles Hazelaar
Cape Canaveral, FL
321 432 0089

Kim Overall on thu 11 jan 07

After posting and reading the group's comments, especially after Craig's
recommendation, I canceled the almost-three-months-ago-order and re-ordered
it through our local supplier The Ceramic Store, Inc. I hope it's a decent

Thanks Craig for the nudge.

Kim in Houston